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L3 Harris

L3 Harris Binocular Night Vision Device - Fused (BNVD-F)

L3 Harris Binocular Night Vision Device - Fused (BNVD-F)

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BNVD-Fused is today’s most advanced Situational Awareness goggle. Fused white phosphor and thermal technologies give warfighters industry-leading abilities to more quickly target, engage and neutralize threats.

Dual-Wave, Helmet-Mounted Goggle

This dual-wave, helmet-mounted solution delivers unmatched clarity in all battlefield and light conditions. BNVD-Fused features a large Field-Of-View and thermal range—significant improvements over its predecessors. Operators can bring weapon sight images into the goggle and shoot around corners, reducing risk of exposure—speeding operations while increasing soldier safety.

Key Features

  • Gen III I2 tubes with auto-gated technology prevent damage in high-light environments 
  • Adjustable diopter eyepieces support use by operators with differing visual acuity
  • Twin-tube design provides greater protection against failure or damage 
  • Delivers critical information directly to goggles when combined with the optional smart L3Harris battery pack


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