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Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems MPU5 Wave Relay Radio

Persistent Systems MPU5 Wave Relay Radio

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MPU5 - THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART RADIO  by Persistent Systems

The most advanced, most scalable, and most efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) radio in the world. Built to create powerful, secure networks anywhere, the MPU5 unites all your critical data sources in real time – giving you and your team the confidence to make difficult decisions in the heat of the moment. Data, video, voice, and a fully integrated AndroidTM computer system makes the MPU5 the world’s first Smart Radio. If your assignments take you through cities, tunnels, and ships. The MPU5 thrives in these complex RF environments, where its 3x3 MIMO technology uses reflections from obstructions to move your data even faster. The self-forming / self-healing Wave Relay® MANET technology routes your data around obstacles, maximizing your network performance and mobility. The more radios you employ, the more connected you become.


The MPU5 is the result of years of meticulous design and engineering - from the interchangeable frequency module to the multi-functional side connectors - to ensure optimal functionality and performance for you and your team. Designed to withstand extreme conditions in the harshest environments, the MPU5 is rated to the highest standards for temperature, water immersion, shock, salt fog, and security. Your MPU5 is protected wherever your assignment takes you - from body-worn to vehicle-mounted, the MPU5 is ready to go to work.

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